Community Update vol 2018-1

The year in review and looking forward!

The Year

This year was definitely a learning experience for the SAP Team and most likely all of Cryptocurrency in general. Throughout the year there have been ups and downs and we would like to review those with you.

Let’s cover the bad and finish with the good.


The year has been rough with several failures that have been turned into lessons and will be referenced forever moving forward.

First loss for SAP was that it took some time to get an OSX to build for public use. This was largely due to the fact that the developers do not have a Mac to test with or an OSX VM. As seen now this was eventually fixed from help from the community and some external technology field associates.

The SAP Team is small and without an initial funding source, but continues despite these facts thanks, again, to the community and the determination to continue because of the cause for positive change and support.

The elephant in the room, hash spikes are causing long delays in the block solution times. There has not been a killing blow as of yet but with the addition of hash potential for the current algorithm with ASICs this has become the major priority of the SAP Team and will put a wrench in plans but solutions are currently being explored. Some of these solutions include: update Proof-of-Work difficulty algorithm with a fix or next version of LWMA, change to Proof-of-Stake, change to Proof-of-Contribution to incentivize SAP-Track usage, etc.


The year hasn’t been a failure after failure type situation, thankfully, there have been in general more wins than losses.

The block explorer has been stable and continues to function without any errors, yet, that has helped allow for focus to be given more to the chain. There have been some setbacks with the explorer like the SSL redirect issue with some modern web browsers but that was fixed quickly thanks to Let’s Encrypt.

A bittersweet is that the chain syncs fast, with more transactions it would be slower, but the network is stable and quick when there aren’t delays of course.

The wallet has been easy to modify and going with a dark theme is a nice change compared to several of the light themed ones out there.

The SAP Community has been fantastic, whether it comes to keeping it real and pointing out drawbacks, that has to lead to a better position like updating the BOOST library, to donating to get on a decent exchange, providing help in Discord, and providing motivation to continue and think beyond just being a fork, the community has been a definite Win.

Another win, at least for the developers, has been the ability to make the coin compatible to be listed on and the real sense of open source teamwork. The codebase was updated quickly, after positive communication, and listed within days upon developer communication between NodeCheck and SAP.

The final win for the year, we believe, is the choice of direction for SAP. SAP-Track will provide a botanical blockchain based tracking solution that has the potential to change the way we handle and communicate that information from planting of the seed to the sale to a consumer. SAP-Track will provide a new level of safety and reliability to the masses.

Lessons Learned

There is always something to be learned from every “Win” and “Loss” for the year, here are some of them from the SAP Team for the year.

“Keep your nose to the grindstone”, no matter the financial, personal, SAP, or item that may be “holding” us back, focus on what needs to be done.

“We all need someone to lean on”, a small team can’t do it all, all of the time, and it is ok to ask for help from the community, friends, and family. You never know where it will lead.

“Slow and steady wins the race”, we are not a big name, with big-name backers or advisors, but we are a team on a mission, that is stubborn and fights to the last breath.

Moving Forward

Moving forward there are some things that need to be prioritized and addressed for reliability and future usage concerns, some of these have been mentioned above but will be recapped below.

The hash spikes and delays are terrible and must be addressed immediately. As mentioned there are several ideas being discussed and worked out internally but community feedback, as you know, is always welcome.

Graphics have been done by the developers, not usually known for their ability to create stunning UX interactions so we are seeking help from experienced professionals. The idea is to create an entire brand for SAP, including SAP-Track, that will be consistent across all platforms and applications provided.

Starting next year there will be scheduled updates from the SAP Team. Your comments have been heard and it is time for the developers to crawl out of there introvert caves and communicate about their works and progress with the community on a regular basis.

We will be launching the SAP-Track website soon that will provide more information into the system itself and it’s integration into the SAP blockchain.

Due to the holiday season, the next major update from the SAP-Team will be in January 2019 to kick the year off with regular updates.

Thank you for your time, investment, support, and anything SAP related.


Written on December 13, 2018